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  1000 New Facebook Fans / Facebook Likes Added Every Month
Buy Facebook Likes Cheap

Our Price: $99.00/Per Month

$99 for 1000 Facebook Fans / Likes. No admin access needed (Monthly).


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Facebook Fans Testimonial

For this Facebook likes service, we only need the url of the fan page to complete the campaign. Our company will never have access to the admin area of your Facebook page. Take a look at the screenshot below to see the results of a recent campaign that was executed for a client that is using the 10,000 Facebook like service. The client had 29,291 Facebook likes before starting the service. Upon completion of two campaigns, their Facebook fan page had 51,538 likes.

Here are some of the 1000+ clients that we have executed social media campaigns for...

Our CEO Goes Over the Value of a High Facebook Fan Count

Reasons to Buy Facebook Likes Cheap to Increase Facebook Likes

#1 High Facebook Like Counts Lead to More Customers
Having a Facebook like count in the 10,000+ range gives an instant perception of trust to your prospects and anyone visiting your website. By placing your Facebook like widget at the top of every page on your website, you allow everyone to see that 1000s of people have recommended your site and products on Facebook. This trust factor makes it easy to covert visitors into customers. Buying Facebook likes cheap allows you to invest money wisely that will have an ongoing ROI.

#2 Getting Facebook Likes Cheap Increases Visibility in Search
With over one billion people on Facebook, it has become one of the world's top search engines. The more likes you have, the higher you show up in search results when people look for specific keywords related to your business. This leads to increased referral traffic to your Facebook page and company website.

#3 If You Buy Facebook Likes Cheap, Your Like Conversion Rate Increases
People like pages that already have been liked by 1000s of other Facebook users. Having more likes increases the percentage of people that will press the like button while on your site and Facebook page.

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