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  1000 Targeted Twitter Followers (United States) Added Every Month
Buy Target Twitter Followers without Following

Our Price: $69.00/Per Month

$69 for 1000 Targeted Twitter Followers US (Monthly)


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Twitter Followers Testimonial

For this buy targeted Twitter followers package, all we will need is your username to complete the campaign. We do not need access to your account. This targeted Twitter followers campaign will focus on users from the United States, and it will not follow any other accounts. Here is a snapshot below of a past client. This client started their targeted Twitter followers campaign with 776 followers and had achieved over 45,000 followers at the conclusion of the 4th month of their Twitter followers campaigns.

Here are some of the 1000+ clients that we have executed targeted Twitter followers campaigns and social media campaigns for...

Our CEO Discusses The Value of a High Followers Count:

Get More Engagement From Your Buy Targeted Twitter Followers Package

Here are a few tips to get more engagement from your Twitter followers.

#1 Schedule your Tweets
There are many programs out there that allow you to schedule your tweets for months in advance. Always have at least four weeks of tweets that are scheduled. Try and schedule one tweet per day.

#2 Monitor Mentions
Set up a program to send you an email every time someone mentions your company on Twitter. Mentions are usually are very good or very bad. Both of which you need to be able to reach out to the person making the mention.

#3 Targeted Twitter Searches
Have your sales team monitor Twitter with targeted searches for your industry. Search for specific keywords that you use in your PPC campaigns. There are 1000s of Twitter users each day that post tweets like, "I am looking for a new travel agent." You need to be able to reach out to them through Twitter and close the sale. Then ask them to follow your account.

These three tips will help you get more out of the buy targeted Twitter followers package and Twitter.

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