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  100 New LinkedIn Connections / Contacts Added Every Month
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Our Price: $45.00/Per Month

$45 for 100 LinkedIn Contacts (Monthly)


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Our 100 LinkedIn connections and contacts package will allow you to add 100 LinkedIn connections to your LinkedIn profile every month. The LinkedIn contacts that you will be connected with are all highly connected users on LinkedIn. These users on average will have around 2500+ active LinkedIn contacts of their own. That means that you will add over 250,000 2nd degree LinkedIn contacts each month. Second degree LinkedIn contacts will see your profile page in search, and you will be able to reach out to contact any of them. All of our LinkedIn contacts services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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"LinkedIn was cited as the most important marketing tool by B2B marketers" (B2B Magazine)

Top Reasons to Buy LinkedIn contacts to Increase Your LinkedIn Contacts

#1 Adding LinkedIn Contacts Adds Credibility to Your Profile
One of the most visible area of the LinkedIn profile is the number of LinkedIn contacts that the user has. It is important that you build your LinkedIn contacts up so that you can have a "500+" displayed on your profile for the number of LinkedIn contacts that you have. Having contacts is important in the eyes of employers and prospects.

#2 Buying LinkedIn Contacts will Move You Up in Search Results
Adding 100s of LinkedIn contacts that are highly connected will allow you to add 1000s of 2nd degree connections, which determine whether or not your profile will show up in search results. If you are not a 1st or 2nd degree connection, then you will not show up in search results for other users. For businesses, LinkedIn search traffic converts at a five times greater rate than Google search traffic.

#3 If You Buy LinkedIn Contacts, Then You Can Contact More People
LinkedIn allows you to contact anyone that is within a 1st or 2nd degree connection. This means if you add 300 LinkedIn contacts that have 2500 contacts of their own, then you will be able to contact 750,000 additional people on LinkedIn. For reaching out to decision makers for business or a job, this can be a critical element in making first contact.

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