Facebook Infographic | Facebook Stats 2010-2011 | Facts and Statistics
New updated Facebook user statistics for 2010-2011. 51% who like a brand will purchase that specific brand, 23% make over $76,000 in yearly income...

Facebook Infographic Stats 2010-2011

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Facebook Statistics for 2010-2011

There are a total of 500 million Facebook users, with 70% located outside the U.S. and 41% who login every day. 30% of Facebook users login with their mobile devices and 12% update their status every day.  Around 40% follow a brand and 51% of them claim that they will purchase that specific brand.

Gender, Income, Age, and Education

The Facebook population consists of 54% women and 46% men. The average Facebook user is 18-25 years old, is currently in college, and makes 26-50K a year.

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