LinkedIn Infographic | LinkedIn Stats 2010-2011 | Facts and Statistics
New updated LinkedIn user statistics for 2010-2011. Executives from every Fortune 500 company are on LinkedIn, 50% of all LinkedIn users are business decision makers within their company...

LinkedIn Infographic Stats 2010-2011

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The Lowdown on LinkedIn


Every second a new member joins LinkedIn

There are over 70 million members from 200 countries

LinkedIn members include executives from all Fortune 500 members


Increasing Membership:

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and continues to grow exponentially today.


Demographics of Members:

A strong correlation has been observed between personal income and LinkedIn usage

50% of users on LinkedIn are the business decision makers of their company.

They include: chief executives, EVP / SVP, senior management, and middle management


LinkedIn in the Business World:

41% of LinkedIn users who join with the goal of marketing in mind have generated business

70% of LinkedIn users use the website for job-hunting

80% of LinkedIn users are looking to recruit employees