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Here is the best LinkedIn marketing strategy that has consistently produced results for everyone that has used it.

Our LinkedIn Add Connections Strategy

The power of LinkedIn is all in the number of connections you have.  More specifically, it is in the number of 2nd degree connections you have.  Second degree connections are the connections of your connections.  If you connect with someone who has 10,000 connections, then you will add 10,000 second degree connections.  Our service only connects you with LinkedIn power users that are highly connected.  Below is an snapshot of one of our client's network statistics. 

As you can see the client has 10,910 direct connections.  Since every connection we add is a highly connected user on LinkedIn, the total 2nd degree connections is over three million.  This allows our client to reach out and contact key prospects and decision makers, which were previously out of his reach.  Another valuable benefit from having millions of 2nd degree connections is that your profile will show up in the search results of every 2nd degree connection. 

The snapshot below shows the search results for "advertising Houston."  Our CEO shows up number one in the search results for this term and many others because of his second degree connection reach.

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