LinkedIn Tutorial Video: How to Use LinkedIn for Business Guide
A fantastic LinkedIn tutorial video that is the ultimate guide for how to use LinkedIn for business.

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LinkedIn Business Tutorials

Key Tips Learned from the LinkedIn Business Tutorials

#1 Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Come Up in Search Results
If you are a lawyer in Texas who specializes in criminal law, then you need to focus your efforts on the following phrase, "Texas Criminal Lawyer." Use this phrase in every area that you are able to on your profile. This will help you come in search when people are searching for a criminal lawyer in Texas.

#2 Increase the Number of Connections
How often you come up in search is determined by how many people you are within two connections of. If you only have 50 connections, then nobody will be able to find you. Have a goal of increasing your overall connections to over 1000. Focus on highly connected LinkedIn users.

#3 Send out Status Updates Daily
If you run a business, then you need to be sending out status updates daily. This is same marketing concept as with a Twitter or Facebook account. Post a daily blog to your site, and then post the blog in your LinkedIn status update.