Facebook Marketing Statistics Infographic 2012
This Facebook marketing statistics inforgraphic for 2012 covers the top ways Facebook users engage with businesses.

"We have been seeing a steady increase in demand for social media services with each passing month. The Fortune 5000 companies were the first to start investing a significant portion of their marketing dollars towards Facebook, and now we are seeing the small businesses in the $1-$20 million revenue range doing the same. In 2012, we expect to see this trend continue with businesses below $1 million in revenue dedicating a large percentage of their marketing budget to social media marketing."


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Facebook Marketing Statistics 2012

A Brief Insight into Facebook Marketing:

Facebook has quickly become the single leader in ad impressions, with more than Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and AOL combined.

When asked in a multiple choice survey:

39% of respondents planned to spend money on Facebook marketing in 2012

25% decided that they would invest in software that specializes in social media management

24% claimed that they would start to spend money on twitter marketing

16% answered that they would spend money on social media training and education

16% planned on spending money to have viral/referral marketing campaigns

The most important place to interact with fans is on the newsfeed, with 27% of Facebook engagement occurring there. Statistically, Facebook users are 40-150 times more likely to look at brand content on the newsfeed than actually click on the fan page itself.