Word of Mouth Social Media and Social Media Reviews
This spectacular infographic covers how word of mouth social media and social media reviews are impacting businesses.

"The value of social media engagement to our clients has been increasing dramatically over the past six months. A year ago, most businesses were using Facebook exclusively as a channel to push out content to their fans. Today, the same businesses are now engaging ever user that makes a comment or post on their Facebook page."

Social Media Engagement Statistics Infographic 2012


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Word of Mouth Social Media and Social Media Reviews

Why and How PR Representatives in Companies Respond to Negative Social Media:

Social media platforms provide a way for customers to publicly express their opinions. Companies usually respond quickly and in an appropriate manner before losing control of the situation

Companies and Social Media:

58% of companies currently use social media. 21% are beginning to start using them. More and more customers are looking to the internet to find products and as businesses start to grow it is important to keep their online reputation healthy with regular monitoring and addressing complaints with professionals and genuine concern.

Consumer Trust of Brands:

On average, a consumer mentions specific brands over 90 times a week while talking to friends, family, and co-workers. 97% of people who decide to make a purchase after reading online reviews find them to be accurate.  61% of customers use user reviews of product information and research before making a purchase. 90% of consumers trust people they know and 70% trust unknown users, while 27% trust experts, 14% trust advertisements, and 8% trust celebrities

How Consumers Use Social Media to Interact with Companies:

34% use social media to share what they think about a company. 23% share companies or products they like. 26% share their tales of dissatisfaction. 29% of dissatisfied customers who shared their thoughts on Twitter were contacted by the company. Most of them felt pleased and satisfied after being contacted and being responded to

How to Keep a Good Online Reputation:

Keep a good reputation by regularly monitoring social media, not ignoring negative feedback, act as early as possible when encountering negative responses, make a crisis plan, and personally engage in dialogue.