Ways to Get Twitter Retweets and Clicks Through Twitter
These tips will help anyone increase their retweet and click through ration on Twitter.

Ways to Get Twitter Retweets and Clicks Through Twitter

Tweet Length:

Write posts that contain anywhere between 120 – 130 characters


Link Placement:

Place your links ¼ of the way through the message


Frequency of Tweeting Your Links:

After analyzing 20 high-profile Twitter accounts, it was found that as the speed of link tweeting increased, CTR decreased


Words and Phrases:

Tweets with the words “via,” “@,” “RT,” “please,” and “check” had the highest amount of CTRs.

Tweets with the words “@addthis,” “marketing,” and “@getglue” had the least amount of CTRs



Through all of the words and phrases analyzed, it was found that the phrase with the greates positive effect on CTR was from paper.li tweets: “daily is out”


Use Action Words:

The greatest amount of CTRs was found with tweets that contained more adverbs and verbs


Weekend Tweets:

Tweets that were posted on the weekends were found to have a higher chance of CTR than those posted on other days of the week


The Best Time of Day to Tweet:

The Tweets with the highest amount of CTRs are usually posted in the afternoon hours

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