Content Marketing Guide Infographic
A great list of the top 21 types of content that inspires action and sharing.

21 Types of Content We Crave

Predictive Marketing

The Content Marketer’s Guide

A listing of 21 types of content we crave:

1. Life is short

2. Dreams come true

3. We need to believe in bigger things

4. We matter

5. The forgotten basics

6. Unexpected twists

7. Storytelling

8. Following a journey

9. Inspiration for action 

10. Content that makes us laugh and smile 

11. Content that makes us cry

12. Secrets

13. Surprises

14. Never give up

15. We are one of a kind

16. There’s more out there

17. Confirmation of assumptions

18. Challenges of assumptions

19. Education and entertainment

20. David defeats Goliath

21. A fresh point of view