Pinterest Marketing Infographic: 17 Secrets of Pinterest Users
This Pinterest infographic covers 17 secrets of Pinterest users

17 Pinterest Marketing Secrets

Predictive Marketing

Facts about Pinterest Users

Food and Beverage:

Kroger is the most preferred supermarket by Pinterest users

53.89% of Pinterest visitors have consumed alcohol in the past month



The most popular mobile carrier and phone brand for Pinterest users is Verizon and Motorola, respectively

The average Pinterest visitor texts more often than the average web user and 42.4% of them have used SMS messaging in the last 30 days

Pinterest visitors are more likely to receive personal email on their mobiles than the average web user and 25.02% have done it daily for the last 30 days

52.56% of Pinterest users have not uploaded photos or a blog through their mobile phones

The top magazine read by Pinterest users is Good Housekeeping, followed by Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, and AARP the magazine



The top vacation destination for Pinterest visitors is Disney World in Orlando, Florida



The top 3 car brands preferred by Pinterest visitors are Dodge, Chevrolet, and Toyota

Most Pinterest users consider themselves as independents when it comes to politics

The top job title amongst Pinterest users is office and administrative support at 12.73%


Sports and Interests:

The most popular sports among Pinterest users are swimming, bowling, golf, and bicycling

The top favorite outdoor activity for those who use Pinterest is walking/ speed walking, followed by fishing, hiking/ backpacking, camping in a tent, and camping in an RV

In the past 6 months, 41% of Pinterest users said that they cook for fun, 29.4% stated that they have taken part in craft-making, and 62.5% said that they have dined out