7 Marketing Secrets of Facebook and Twitter
This infographic breaks down the seven secrets of marketing on Facebook and Twitter.

7 Marketing Secrets of Facebook and Twitter

Predictive Marketing

How Branding Works in the Social Media Age

1.   Social Media Hangouts

Prioritize building a Facebook community where 85% of US internet users responded to having one. 49% reported having Twitter accounts. 57% of Facebook users have over 100+ friends making the engagement of one user become noticed by hundreds.

2.   How Consumers Interact with Brands on Facebook and Twitter

Twitter has 29% of users following a brand. Facebook has 58% of users linking brands. Only 29% of Twitter users have retweeted a brand, while 41% of Facebook users have claimed to share a link, story, or video about a brand.

3.   Brand Sentiment According to Consumers

Most users share their positive experiences with brands. 50% of brands on Facebook and 90% of brands on Twitter reported having only positive mentions in their status updates.

4.   Users who “like” or don’t “like”

Facebook users who “like” brands usually have more influence than those who don’t.

5.   Virtual Personas

Create personas to improve your audience outreach and level of engagement such as the ones outlined below:

     Social Media Addict – This type of person is active daily on Facebook and Twitter,

     and might even have a blog. If your brand is like Red Bull or Converse, you need

     to target this kind of person to make him/her the voice of your brand.

     Share Reactor – Responsible for making a brand or marketing piece go viral. 

     He/She shares video links and video stories with 200+ friends on Facebook.

     Ads Believer – This type of person responds well to brands that keep their

     Promises in ads and marketing. He/She is 1.6 times as likely to “like” a brand.

6.   Preferred Content

Coupons and discounts are the most valued when received from brands accounting for 80% of preferred content received from users.

7.   Preferred Methods to Receive Updates

     32% desire short updates from social media feeds.

     27% prefer emails

     22% like to have traditional offline ads.