How to Leverage Yourself as an Expert on Social Media
Covers each of the major networks showing exactly what you should do.

How to Leverage Yourself as an Expert on Social Media

Predictive Marketing

Leverage Yourself as an Expert by Using Social Media

Find Which Platforms Tailor to Your Target Audience with These Tips and Resources


   Contains over 845 million users

   Creates a platform for more personal interaction

   Facebook pages house all of your company information on one page

   Used mostly by males and females aged 21-24

   Con: connecting with too many people can result in dilution of genuine connections


140  million active users who tweet an average of 320 million a day in 2012


   Quick updates

   Easy to monitor conversations about your brand

   Easy to find potential customers

   Great way to address customer concerns in front of an audience

   Hashtags make it easier to share content and be easily found


   Over 150 million users

   A place to show off accomplishments and connections with others


   Creating your own group can lead to discussions about your industry

   You can display your expertise by answering relevant questions on an Answers page

   Audience consists of 51% males and 49% females

   You can be successful by sharing relevant content and answers to questions


   Gains around 625,000 new users daily


   Can alert people of conversation by putting + before their names

   Circles help you group different types of contacts and tailor your messages for each one

   Gender consists of  69.62% male and 30.38% female

   Used by engineers, web designers, marketing professionals, software developers, and students

   A great place to share insight, blog posts, and questions and answers that relate to your industry